Degree in Electrical Engineering

School of Engineering and Architecture

240 Credits

4 Courses

40 Places

At the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio we offer a Degree in Electrical Engineering based on a committed educational project to train highly qualified professionals.

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Degree in Electrical Engineering


The Electrical Engineering degree produces highly qualified professionals in the electrical engineering field in order to meet the future challenges of industry, especially in the power generation sector. Electrical engineers will have a dominant role in developing the energy policies needed to face the new social and economic world situation which demands energy-efficient models.


During the first year, students study basic engineering subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Technical Drawing and Chemistry. In the second and third year, students are taught subjects common to this branch of industry such as Materials, Circuit theory, Thermodynamics and Heat Transmission, Fluid Mechanics, Material Resistance, Industrial Electronics, Automation, etc.

In the final year engineers are trained in the unique subjects of this degree, Specific Electrical Technology, including lines and networks, power plants and electronic power systems, as well as a range of optional subjects which will complete their profile. 


The Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Manufacturing and Mechanics, Electrical Technology and Electrical Machinery, Electronics, and Automation and Robotics laboratories let students apply in practice what they have learned in theory classes.

There are also specific laboratories for Electrical Engineering students such as the Electrical Lines and Networks lab where future engineers will test, model and simulate the behaviour of energy transport lines and their faults.


The teaching staff consists of highly qualified professionals, including doctors, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and especially industrial engineers. Most of them work or have worked in some of the most important companies in the sector, combining teaching and professional experience, and can explain to students the real-life work of an Industrial Technical Engineer specialising in electrical engineering.

Unique Features

The most representative companies of the sector, such as Endesa Generation, S.L., Iberdrola, S.A., Unión Fenosa Ingeniería, S.A. and many more open their doors for Electrical Engineering students at Alfonso X el Sabio University to undertake tutored internships.

Students take part in University-Company Technical Symposia which let them see at first hand the problems they will have to face and the working methods they will have to use in their professional careers.

They will also visit electrical substations, operational control centres of electricity companies such as R.E.E or hydroelectric plants such as Bolarque, where they can see for themselves the work carried out in different facilities relating to the world of electrical engineering.

Employment Opportunities

As well as the traditional jobs in the field of electricity generation and transport or the calculation, design and project of medium and low voltage plants, new fields include the design, project and management of new forms of energy, dominated by advances in clean technologies.

Career openings also include directing operations in electricity plants and facilities, and carrying out studies on energy efficiency and environmental protection, electrical facilities, power plants and transformers.

Course List


Course List 2009


First Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0141601Physics FB 9
0141602Mathematical Foundations of Engineering FB 9
0141603Computing FB 6
0141604Professional Communication Techniques OB 6
0141607Language (Level 1) OB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0141605Technical Drawing FB 6
0141606Chemical Foundations of Architecture FB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0141608Electrotechnics and Electrical Machines OB 6
0141609Foundations of Materials Science OB 3
0141611Computing II OB 3
Total: 60


Second Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0241601Extended Mathematics FB 6
0241602Electrotechnics and Electrical Machines II OB 6
0241603Manufacturing Engineering OB 6
0241606Language II OB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0241604Industrial Electronics OB 6
0241605Statistics FB 6
0241607Mechanics FB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0241608Materials Science and Engineering OB 3
0241609Economics and Business FB 6
0241611Production Organisation OB 3
0241612Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer OB 6
Total: 60


Third Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0341601Machine Theory OB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341602Extended Electrical Machines OB 3
0341603Foundations of Material Resilience OB 6
0341604Low and Medium Voltage Installations OB 6
0341605Fluid Mechanics OB 6
0341606Automatic Regulation OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341607Electric Power Plants OB 6
0341608Control of Machines and Electrical Switching OB 3
0341609Lines and Networks I OB 6
0341610Automatic Regulation II OB 6
0341611Thermodynamic Technique OB 3
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 3
Total: 60


Fourth Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441601Machine Design OB 6
0441602Power Electronics OB 6
0441603Renewable Energies OB 3
0441604Environmental Engineering OB 3
0441605Lines and Networks II OB 3
0441606Technical Office: Electrical Projects OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441607Industrial Automation OB 6
0441608Final Year Project OB 12
0441609Power Electrical Systems OB 3
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 12
Total: 60


Optional Subjects

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0441637Prácticas en Empresa (Prácticas Externas) OP 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441631Harmonic Analysis OP 3
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341631Electricity Market OP 3
0441633Electrical Switchgear and Instrumentation OP 6
0441636Operating Power Plants OP 3


*Carácter: FB:Formación Básica, Ob: Obligatorio, Op: Optativo