Degree in Audiovisual Engineering

School of Engineering and Architecture

240 Credits

4 Courses

40 Places

At the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio we offer a Degree in Audiovisual Engineering based on a committed educational project to train highly qualified professionals.

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Degree in Audiovisual Engineering


The Audiovisual Engineering degree is structured over four years. The content includes video systems, digital video treatment, multimedia systems, the audio field, and the production and creation of audiovisual products.


During the first and second year, students study subjects such as basic electronics, programming and communications, preparing them to approach the fields of engineering and telecommunications.

In the last two years students are in full contact with the reality of the profession in areas such as video systems, noise and vibration control, the digital treatment of audio and video, or audiovisual production and creation.

In television, they learn to use studio controls, cameras, and connections between equipment; in audio they measure room acoustics, process audio, recording and editing; in electronics, they measure and build automatic systems and programme microcontrollers; and in production they create and generate audiovisual content, make non-linear edits of content, etc. 


Students have a Television laboratory where they learn how to use a TV control panel and the range of devices: cameras, recording equipment, mixing desks, etc. to create a televisual product; a Multimedia laboratory, where they digitally treat audio and video and create audiovisual  products; the Audiofrecuency laboratory, where they use different equipment to measure and evaluate the behaviour of sound and the properties of audio systems; the Production laboratory, where they use media to produce an audiovisual product and learn the basics of how a complete audiovisual product is developed; and the Computer Languages and Systems laboratory, where they carry out programming and simulation practice.


The teaching staff consists of professionals from the world of audiovisuals with accredited experience, helping students to make contact with the reality of the profession.  The lecturers include professionals working at national TV channels.

Unique Features

The Upper Polytechnic organises company days where representatives of important Spanish and international companies such as Agilent, Astra and Accenture talk to our students about innovative projects.

Students can choose to undertake tutored internships in more than 270 companies in the sector, with which Alfonso X el Sabio University has educational cooperation agreements. Our students have been interns with Telefónica Sistemas Audiovisuales, Telecinco, Vitelsa, Agilent, etc.

Especially in the last year, students can participate with professors in research tasks and projects:  designing a recording studio, soundproofing a concert hall, acoustic studies of buildings, etc. They can also take part in the undertaking of projects linked to the development of applications for mobile devices as part of the MyUAX project to introduce Android devices among teachers.

Employment Opportunities

Audiovisual Engineering graduates can work in audiovisual systems consultancies, companies which install and maintain audiovisual equipment, in telecommunications infrastructure consultancies, in audiovisual content creation and production companies, and in film, radio and TV companies.

Course List


Course List 2009


First Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0141201Communication in Foreign Language 1 OB 6
0141202Communication Techniques OB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0141203Algebra FB 6
0141204Foundational Physics FB 6
0141205Applied Computer Science FB 6
0141206Circuit Theory FB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0141207Mathematical Analysis 1 FB 6
0141208Foundational Computing FB 6
0141209Computer Networks and Services OB 6
0141210Digital Systems OB 6
Total: 60


Second Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0241201Communication in Foreign Language 2 OB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0241202Mathematical Analysis 2 FB 6
0241203Electric Circuits and Components FB 6
0241204Economics and Business FB 6
0241205Introduction to Images OB 6
0241206Computer Systems OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0241207Introduction to Acoustics OB 6
0241208Software Engineering and Development OB 6
0241209Signals and Systems FB 6
0241210Television Systems OB 6
Total: 60


Third Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341201Acoustics of Spaces OB 6
0341202Acoustic Instrumentation OB 6
0341203Video Systems OB 6
0341204Electronic Systems OB 6
0341205Communication Theory OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341206Noise and Vibration Control OB 6
0341207Communications Networks OB 6
0341208Audio Frequency Systems 1 OB 6
0341209Transmission Systems OB 6
0341210Digital Treatment of Audio and Video OB 6
Total: 60


Fourth Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441201Business Administration and Management OB 6
0441202Engineering Processes OB 6
0441203Audiovisual Systems OB 6
0441204Audio Frequency Systems 2 OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441205Communications Policies and Management OB 6
0441206Audiovisual Production OB 6
0441207Final Year Project OB 12
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 12
Total: 60


Optional Subjects

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0441235Prácticas en Empresa (Prácticas Externas) OP 12
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441231Acoustic Design of Spaces OP 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441233Audiovisual System Design OP 6


*Carácter: FB:Formación Básica, Ob: Obligatorio, Op: Optativo