Degree in Nursery School Teaching (specialising in English)


240 Credits

4 Courses

100 Places

At the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio we offer a Degree in Nursery School Teaching (specialising in English) based on a committed educational project to train highly qualified professionals.

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Degree in Nursery School Teaching (specialising in English)


This degree prepares students to teach children aged 0 to 6. It is based on a teaching and learning process oriented to understanding the physical, relational, social and intellectual development of children, training in innovation and research in infant teaching, and the professional practice of teaching in centres of recognised prestige.


Students will learn the goals, syllabus content and assessment criteria of Nursery Teaching, and develop the skills they need to promote and facilitate early childhood learning. During the course they will learn about the evolution of language, the basics of child nutrition and hygiene, and the educational implications of information technology.



The teaching staff consists of doctors and graduates in pedagogy, psychology, child psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, geology, physics, mathematics, exercise and sports sciences, political science, documentation, economics, business administration, telecom engineering, arts and languages, selected for their professional careers and school teaching experience.



Nursery School Teaching students will study in the financial centre of Madrid, on a satellite campus to our Villanueva de la Cañada centre. The Madrid Chamartín campus is a building with ample facilities, equipped with the latest technology.


What makes UAX different

The Faculty promotes student mobility with an exchange programmes with prestigious European and American universities. Furthermore, our students achieve a high level of English, and the course focusses on practical training from start. UAX also has its own employment exchange.


Employment Opportunities

The growing number of job opportunities and high turnover in Nursery Teaching offer a very positive outlook for the career prospects of future graduates. Access to public education depends on civil service entrance exams, while state-assisted and private schools use employment contracts. Nursery Teaching graduates can also teach in private universities.

Course List


Course List 2009


First Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0120701English Language FB 9
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0120702Inclusive Education FB 4.5
0120703Foundational Mathematics OB 3
0120704Basic Pedagogy FB 6
0120705Developmental Psychology FB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0120706Foundational Spanish Language and Literature OB 6
0120707Foundational Audiovisual Languages OB 3
0120708Psychology of Learning FB 6
0120709Educational Theory and Institutions FB 4.5
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 12
Total: 60


Fourth Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0420701Foundational Artistic and Musical Expression OB 6
0420702Food Hygiene, Health and Personal Development FB 6
0420703Reflective Practice FB 6
0420704General Practicum 3 OB 10
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0420705Environmental Studies Syllabus and Teaching OB 6
0420706Personal Hygiene and Public Health FB 6
0420707Final Year Project OB 6
0420737Teaching Practices Associated with Foreign Language as a Special Subject: English 3 OB 6
0420741Teaching Practices Associated with Physical Education as a Special Subject 3 OB 6
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 6
Total: 60


*Carácter: FB:Formación Básica, Ob: Obligatorio, Op: Optativo