Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX)


Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX) was the first private university to be authorised by the Spanish parliament in 1993.  Located to the north-east of Madrid, in Villanueva de la Cañada, approximately 30 kilometres from the centre of the capital, its campus offers modern facilities, such as multimedia classrooms, specialized laboratories for the different fields of study, halls of residence and sports facilities, as well as vast green areas.

The UAX is a renowned private university with study programmes adapted to European standards, where ongoing assessments and practical considerations are given the highest priority.

Alfonso X el Sabio University works closely with the business world. There are currently 8,800 collaboration agreements with private corporations, health centres, schools, public entities, professional associations and foundations which enable students who are in their final years of study to do internships before they enter the labour market

Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes

UAX offers European students a wide range of courses in the following fields:




The University also has an extensive range of graduate courses (master's and doctorate degree programmes) which are taught at the  campus and at the  Villanueva de la Cañada campus  UAX Graduate Institute (Madrid, Chamartín).




An international university

Alfonso X el Sabio University was founded with a strong European orientation. As a result, we have ensured that all of our qualifications are fully adapted to the European Higher Education Criteria.  In addition, our graduates’ professional capacities are recognised in all EU member states.

More than 15% of our students are international.

Additionally, students may participate in exchange programmes with one of more than 160 universities located around the globe, as well as the opportunity to do on-the-job training either in Spain or abroad. 

Workshops and Laboratories

Practical training is the hallmark of the very best universities, and the UAX provides 25,000 m2 of the finest laboratory infrastructure for all its degree courses, incorporating solid practical experience in the development of curricular plans to reinforce theoretical studies.

Linguistic Immersion


A linguistic immersion programme has been designed for foreign students studying at the University. The aim of the immersion programme is for students to become competent in the Spanish language and to be able to complete their UAX studies successfully.

Our students use Spanish in their academic tasks, employing their different linguistic skills in texts and topics pertinent to the subjects being studied.


4 Campus UAX in Spain

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Madrid - Chamartín (Metro Pío XII)
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