University registration

Admitted candidates must complete university registration before 17th July.

To complete your registration you must send the following documents:

  • A) Registration form completed To fill this it is essential to open an Spanish bank account.
  • B) Subjects forms.
  • C) Statistical data form.
  • D) Receipt of the payment of €3,500 (registration fee). Those applicants who have already paid their reservation only have to pay €2,200.
  • E) Applicants registered with their high school results must submit the UNED accreditation before September 7th 2015.
  • If registration is not completed within the dates indicated, the candidate will automatically be excluded. New tests will be carried out to fill the vacancies.

How to obtain UNED accreditation

  • the UNED’s website 
  • Select Solicitud de Credencial 
  • Click “Registrarse” and register. Once you have registered, you have to fill out the application form and pay the corresponding amount as per the methods and deadlines indicated on the site.

Then, send to the UNED the necessary documents to obtein the UNED accreditation (C/ Juan del Rosal, 14). The documents required are the following:

  • Photocopy of ID (ID card, passport)
  • Certified photocopy of diploma, high school diploma or certificate granting access to university studies in the corresponding education system.
  • Certified photocopy of school reports for the last three years of secondary education.
  • Copy of the registration in the UNED system and bank receipt confirming payment of the corresponding fee.

It is possible to have the documents required by the UNED certified at the Consejerías de Educación (Education Agencies) located in Spain’s embassies, at embassies/consulates in Spain and by UNED partner institutions. It is also possible to have this certification done by Unidades de Atención al Estudiante (Student Help Desks) located in Madrid (C/ Juan del Rosal 14).