UAX Universidad Alfonso X El sabio
UAX Universidad Alfonso X El sabio
Grado en Ingeniería de Sistemas de Información UAX

Degree in Information Systems Engineering

School of Engineering and Architecture

240 Credits

4 Courses

40 Places

At the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio we offer a Degree in Information Systems Engineering based on a committed educational project to train highly qualified professionals.

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Degree in Information Systems Engineering


The Information Systems Engineering degree at UAX is structured over four years, and teaches the professional skills required to meet the needs for information capture, recovery, processing, presentation and interaction of modern organisations. The application of new technologies has already transformed corporate and government systems for accessing and managing information, reaching all areas of society, leading to the so-called Information Society and offering wide scope for developing new trade and business models. 


In a context where Web-oriented systems are increasingly important, the UAX Information Systems Engineering degree prepares students for conceiving computer systems to support current business processes, and in particular, those based on web-system oriented technology and ubiquitous devices such as PDAs, Smartphones, etc. 


In the Computer Systems laboratory students can develop integrated information systems, and applications to manage and support current business processes.

In the Corporate Applications laboratory, students can carry our practical work with integrated business management tools such as SAP.

In the Information System technologies lab, they can practice with various database management systems such as Oracle and MySQL. This laboratory can also be used for the security checks and actions which should be carried out in any computer system.


The teaching staff consists of lecturers of accredited prestige, who combine teaching with their professional experience in leading companies involved in the development of new information and communications technologies.

Unique Features

UAX Information Systems Engineering students are capable of administering the most important computer elements which make up and configure information systems, such as networks and databases, with special attention paid to the development of websites designed to become online showcases for companies.

This methodology is reinforced and complemented by internships in leading industry companies, encouraging mobility, guiding students in their professional and academic paths, as well as company days and visits with corporations such as Indra, Telefónica and Entel.

With regard to Information Systems, managing technological elements and the current situation of online marketing and business, students will attend talks by professionals from companies in the sector, such as Microsoft Ibérica and Google. It is also planned to hold competitions to reward the most innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

Employment Opportunities

Information Systems Engineering graduates work as corporate system architects, business and e-business process analysts, in enterprise resource planning (ERP), as specialists in auditing and standardisation systems, as technology consultants and as managers of web technology-based information systems.

Also, many companies have created the post of CIO or Chief Information Officer, forming part of the managerial level alongside the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Technical Officer.

Course List


Course List 2009


First Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0141001Foreign Language Communication 1 OB 6
0141002Communitacion Techniques OB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0141003Physics FB 6
0141004Basics of Programming FB 6
0141005Applied Computer Science FB 6
0141006Mathematics 1 FB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0141007Algorithmic FB 6
0141008IT Projects Analysis OB 6
0141009Mathematics 2 FB 6
0141010Networks OB 6
Total: 60


Second Year

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0241001Foreign Language Communication 2 OB 6
0241002Computer Science 2 FB 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0241003Data Base OB 6
0241004IT Projects Development OB 6
0241005Corporate Economy FB 6
0241006Operating Systems OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0241007Data Base Management OB 6
0241008Statistics FB 6
0241009Electronic Business OB 6
0241010Programming Techniques FB 6
Total: 60


Third Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341001Systems Management OB 6
0341002Software Engineering OB 6
0341003Corporate Computer Systems OB 6
0341004Advanced Operating Systems OB 6
0341005Business Management Software OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0341006Architecture and Integration of Business Applications OB 6
0341007Man-Machine Interaction OB 6
0341008Corporative Web Platform OB 6
0341009Security in Computer Systems OB 6
0341010Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Systems OB 6
Total: 60


Fourth Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441001IT Projects Direction OB 6
0441002Data Engineering OB 6
0441003New Information Technologies OB 6
0441004Distributed Information Systems OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441005Business Administration and Management OB 6
0441006Technology Management OB 6
0441007Final Year Project OB 12
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 12
Total: 60


Optional Subjects

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441031Content Management OP 6
0441032Free Software OP 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0441033Software Management OP 6
0441034Digital Treatment OP 6


*Carácter: FB:Formación Básica, Ob: Obligatorio, Op: Optativo