UAX Universidad Alfonso X El sabio
UAX Universidad Alfonso X El sabio
Grado en Ciencias Ambientales UAX

Degree in Environmental Science

School of Engineering and Architecture

180 Credits

3 Courses

40 Places

At the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio we offer a Degree in Environmental Science based on a committed educational project to train highly qualified professionals.

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Degree in Environmental Sciences


UAX offers a complete and effective syllabus to prepare first-class professionals in Environmental Sciences.  Students will be trained in the application of the most advanced technology available for the detection, study, prevention and correction of environmental problems in a sustainable manner.


Environmental Sciences degree students will expand their knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry until, in the final year, they have the necessary skills to carry out Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Engineering Experiments. Ecology and Biology, Pollution, Climatology, Chemistry and Meteorology, Energy and the Environment, among other disciplines, will enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for environmental consulting and management for the public and private sectors. 


For the Environmental Sciences degree, students carry our research and analysis in the Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry laboratories.

In the Geology and Hydrology laboratories, they determine the surface runoff and subterranean flow of a river basin, study pluviometric indices or examine different geological cross-sections.

The Environmental Engineering laboratory enables them to research different processes for purifying and reducing liquid or gaseous effluents or recovering soil.

The Environmental Toxicology laboratory permits the study of the substances which are most harmful to the biotic environment and to human health.

The Topography and Geodesy laboratory is equipped to verify level curves and simulate possible environmentally restored systems.


The teaching staff consists of doctors, environmental science graduates, biologists, chemical engineers, geologists, industrial engineers, civil engineers, topographers, physicists and mathematicians. There are also specialists from the fields of industry, research and government, who give lectures and lead R&D projects on noise pollution, water management and environmental management systems, and advice and collaboration in Local Agenda 21 processes.

Unique Features

Students take part in Spanish conferences such as the National Environmental Congress (CONAMA) and visit waste treatment facilities such as composting and biomethanation plants, dumps, incinerators and waste water treatment plants, enabling them to experience their future employment at first hand.

UAX has agreements with companies in the sector, including Aguas de Alcazar EMSA, Aquagest, Altadis, Aserpyma, Auditoría Salud, Avelan, Biogarden, Cadagua, Canal logístico, Canal de Isabel II, Canarias de Limpieza Urbana, Cida Hidroquímica, Cogersa, Sear, Papelera de Besaya, etc., with government bodies such as the City Councils of Aranjuez, Ávila, Fuenlabrada, El Escorial, Madrid, Brunete, San Agustín de Guadalix, Majadahonda, Las Rozas, Guadarrama, Los Molinos, Toledo, and with the Environmental Councils of Madrid, the Canary Islands, Castilla y León, Alicante, etc.

Employment Opportunities

Future graduates will be able to work in the coordination, management and assessment of studies relating to natural resources, with the environmental implications of economic activities, and with the general strategies for action which must permit more sustainable development.

Their professional career may also lead to the simulation and modelling of transporting pollutants, the design of new energy sources, the restoration of cultural heritage, the reuse of materials or the production of biofuels.

Course List


Course List 2009


First Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0140501Biology FB 9
0140502Geology FB 6
0140503Mathematics FB 6
0140504Chemistry FB 9
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0140505Communications FB 6
0140506Drawing OB 6
0140507Statistics OB 6
0140508Physics FB 6
0140509Modern Language 1 FB 6
Total: 60


Second Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0240501Foundations of Environmental Engineering OB 6
0240502Ecology OB 6
0240503Hydrology, Hydraulics and Hydrogeology OB 6
0240504Environment, Territory and Society OB 6
0240505Meteorology and Climatology OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0240506Air Pollution OB 6
0240507Modern Language 2 FB 6
0240508Computing FB 6
0240509Analytical Instrumentation OB 6
0240510Toxicology and Public Health OB 6
Total: 60


Fourth Year

First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0440501Environmental Impact Assessment OB 6
0440502Waste Management OB 6
0440503Management Skills OB 6
0440504Projects OB 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0440505Final Year Project OB 12
Optional Subjects Character* Ects Credits
Optional OP 24
Total: 60


Optional Subjects

Anual Subjects Character* Ects Credits
0440531Internships OP 6
First Semester Character* Ects Credits
0440532Biotechnology OP 6
0440533Materials Technology and the Environment OP 6
Second Semester Character* Ects Credits
0440534Environmental Computer Applications OP 6
0440535Basic Waste Treatment Operations OP 6
0440536Safety and Risk Analysis OP 6
0440537Environmental Auditing and Management Systems OP 6
0440538Nuclear Technologies OP 6


*Carácter: FB:Formación Básica, Ob: Obligatorio, Op: Optativo